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Aug 10 2017


Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. The introduction of internet has made branding sweeter than ever, now you can create an online identity, manage the identity and this will one way or the other create an impression in the minds of the people which will eventually affect your true identity in real life.

Now we use online media tools to vet applicants before employing them. A practical situation happened some months back when we were trying to select a candidate for employment at HostNowNow Limited where I serve as the Head, Human Resources and Administration. At the final stage of selection I decided to make some research on the persons that were shortlisted and one of them had some images on her Facebook that may affect the image of the company, this made me remove her from the list of persons qualified for that position as the position in view is sensitive and the corporate image of the organization must be preserved.

Job seekers now need to realize that there is a shift from the traditional practice of submitting CVs as part of their job application process, because there are online assets that can be used in generating qualified personnel for the posts available and a good example of this is your LinkedIn profile.

Learn possible ways to build your brand

Firstly, start thinking of yourself as a brand: What do you want people to see each time your name is mentioned? What would you like their perception to be about you? A strong personal brand can bring about a strong RETURN ON INVESTMENT; so start building one now so you can show the world what you want them to know.

Moreover always audit your online presence: Always check yourself on Google and set up alerts for your name on a regular basis. Have a common name and stop using names like Harkin in the place of Akin so you can be found easily on the web. For example my name is Ogunleye Oluwaduyilemi Oladayo and I have learnt to maintain the same identity everywhere to avoid mistaken identity on the internet or in real life

You can also secure a Personal Website: Building a personal website is one of the best ways to rank yourself on all search engines. Even if it is a page website that tells your name and profile, it will serve you well and help people find you easily on the web.

It is also important that you find ways to Produce Value: Many times when I see some funny posts on social media platforms I wonder if these people know that these posts go across the globe. Be careful of what you post and ensure that you post what will add value to individuals in the society and your network.

Take note that you must be purposeful in what you share: It is important for you to note that every tweet, every picture uploaded and every word you express online go a long way in registering the way you want to be perceived by the people. The knowledge of this should help you develop a cautious habit when uploading data and information on the internet.

Another method to adopt is by associating with other strong brands: In your posts online, it is important to be aware that your personal brand is strengthened or weakened by your connection to other brands. You must therefore find and connect with companies, colleagues and colleges that will help you reach more individuals. Contribute to people’s blogs and as well maximize the use of other brands that you can connect to your brand.

Finally you must always re-invent: Let us think of some celebrities we know that have strong personal brands, we will notice that there is a clear story and a consistent brand. People that have multiple passions and areas of interest it may become more difficult to have a good narration but we must ensure that there is consistency in the narration.

It is very important to build a personal brand and create a virtual identity that will help to market your identity and also create the perception you want people to have about you.

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